Linkin Park Hybrid Theory vinyl rerelease

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory vinyl rerelease

Linkin Park’s album Hybrid Theory from 2000 is being rereleased on coloured vinyl on April 23, 2013 and is available for preorder right now! This original release of this highly coveted LP goes for no less than $230 on Amazon right now so hopefully this kicks off even more out of print vinyl rereleases or even brand new vinyls that have previously only been released digitally. The description of the album says “With Bonus 10” so we will have to wait a bit to see what this means!

Preorder Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory LP here:

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Classified – Young Soul

This song is the first track on Side C of Classified’s Handshakes & Middle Fingers LP. I purchased this CD in 2011 but never really appreciated this particular track until I purchased this LP. Prior to purchasing my turntable, I always heard that vinyl makes a good song sound even better, but in this case it made just another song relevant. I’m afraid I may wear down this side prematurely as I am addicted to pressing the start button and having this song come on first.

This song starts off with a couple of delicate instruments over strings and a sample from Wu Tang Clan’s Tearz (“Memories in the corner of my mind, Flashbacks, I was laughing all the time”). Off the bat, the vinyl version offers more defined sound, before transitioning to warmer winds as Classified raps which also sounds much more intimate than the digital version as with the short chorus with the smooth vocals of the unknown singer.

There are a couple of other songs on this album like this song which have the same style of pleasant vocals combined with Classified’s brilliant rhymes which I will review later, this album will surely entice music lovers who may not typically listen to rap.

Purchase Classified’s Handshakes & Middle Fingers LP here:

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I purchased my first turntable just over a month ago in January 2013 and have become absolutely obsessed and smitten to it. My turntable is a Technics SL-D303, what I think is a good starter turntable until I eventually upgrade to something like a Rega P1.

Anyway, welcome!

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